There are lots of reasons why you might have a toileting problem. Sometimes, a doctor or nurse might not realise you have a bowel or bladder condition and think there's nothing wrong with you, which can be very frustrating.

What can I do if this happens to me?

If your doctor tells you there's nothing wrong, try to:

Sarah's story

When Sarah first had problems with her bladder she went to see a community nurse. The nurse told her there was nothing wrong with her. 

[The community nurse] said that 99% of the time it's to do with stress. She was convinced that it would just sort itself out, but it still hadn’t... Then I was referred to a urologist. The nurse there is a lot better. She summarised exactly how I felt. She said that we just need to keep going with treatment until my bladder was completely normal, then we can think about stopping the medication. That has given me hope because it feels like someone is really trying to help. (Sarah)

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