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Our animation, Pooper Highway, explains what constipation is and how it can be treated in children

Childhood bowel and bladder health

How can you keep your wee and poo healthy? 

Going to the toilet might seem like the most normal thing in the world but sometimes things don't work the way they should. Evelina London Children’s Hospital have given us permission to share their film which shows what you can do to have a healthy wee and poo.

Using the toilet at school

Paediatrician and TV presenter Dr Ranj Singh, shares his top tips for children starting school if they have problems going to the toilet:

Poo problems

Dr Ranj Singh, who supports ERIC’s Let’s Talk About Poo campaign, discusses children's poo problems and how to manage them:

The 'Poo Nurses' from Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust's Childhood Constipation Service explain how constipation and soiling can be tackled with macrogol laxatives:

Managing continence issues in school

This short film highlights how common continence problems are amongst teenagers and how important it is that these young people are supported at school.

Let the unicorn change the way you poo! The makers of the 'Squatty Potty' have created this film to explain the benefits of squatting to poo: 


Animated video 'The Poo in You' explains what causes faecal soiling and how you can treat the problem:

Short animation showing how poo reaches the rectum and is released: 

Short animation showing how overflow soiling happens as a result of a poo traffic jam (constipation):

Short animation illustrating how transanal irrigation works to clear backed up poo (constipation):

Wee problems

This short cartoon by ERIC explains the main reasons why bedwetting happens, how to keep your bladder healthy and tips for getting dry at night. 

A video for older teenagers (16 - 19 years) on understanding the role of your pelvic floor and how to look after it: 

To coincide with World Bedwetting Day, ERIC's Alina Lynden and ERIC Nurse Brenda Cheer answer parents' frequently asked questions on bedwetting

Videos on healthy bladders and bowels aimed at children are available in our kids section.

Product videos

How to use the 'Easy Clip' sensor with a bedwetting alarm to stop children wetting the bed, demonstrated by Jayne from the ERIC shop:

Information about sleeping bag liners, demonstrated by Jayne and Claire from the ERIC shop: