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Bowel and bladder health/management

Stop Bedwetting - 
Offers support and information about childhood bedwetting to patients and health care professionals.

World Bedwetting Day -
International campaign to raise awareness about this common condition and encourage families to get help.

Bladder and Bowel UK (formerly PromoCon) -
Part of the organisation Disabled Living, provides advice and support to help manage any kind of incontinence, bladder or bowel-related issue.

Bladder and Bowel Community -
Support, information and guidance for people with bladder and bowel control problems.

Bladder Health UK -
Provides support to people suffering from all forms of cystitis, overactive bladder and continence issues.

Mitrofanoff Support -
Provides emotional support, reassurance, information and networking opportunities for those who have had the Mitrofanoff procedure.

CHAMPS Appeal -
Supports children living with Hirschsprung's Disease and their families during diagnosis and surgery. Also provide post-operative support and activity days.

Colostomy Association -
The Junior Ostomy Support Helpline (JOSH) for parents and carers of children who have had bladder or bowel surgery resulting in a stoma or bladder augmentation.  

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines

Bedwetting in under 19s -
Guidance on the assessment, care and treatment of children and young people up to the age of 19 with bedwetting.

Constipation in children and young people: diagnosis and management -
Guidance to support the early identification, positive diagnosis and timely, effective management of constipation in children and young people.

Urinary tract infection in under 16s: diagnosis and management -
Guidance on the care and treatment of babies, children and young people under 16 with a urinary tract infection (UTI).

eLearning for health professionals

Coloplast online training portal -
Management of Bladder & Bowel - Paediatrics course  (you will need to register an account to access the course).

Support for children and teenagers

Childline -
Private and confidential service for children and teenagers up to the age of 19 to help with any issue or problem they may be experiencing. 

Provides information and emotional support to 13-25 year-olds and helps them to open up about difficult issues. 

Great Ormond Street Hospital -
Offers information for children on their health condition and treatment and what to expect when they go to hospital. 

Go Against The
Australian health awareness initiative designed to empower teenage girls to tackle bladder incontinence and develop their pelvic floor muscles.

Incontinence in Confidence -
The Continence Foundation of Australia's support website for teenagers. 

Help with bullying

Part of the organisation Family Lives, provides general advice on all aspects of bullying for children, young people, parents and schools. 

Kidscape -
Equips young people, parents and professionals with the skills to tackle bullying and safeguarding issues across the UK. 

Support for parents and carers

Patient -
Independent health platform providing information for both patients and health professionals.

Medicines for Children -
‘Practical and reliable advice about giving medicine to your child’ – includes leaflets written by paediatricians and pharmacists.

The Breakaway Foundation -
UK-wide charity supporting children and young people with bowel and/or bladder diversions and dysfunction.

Diversions Family Support Network -
Arranges fun days out and regular get-togethers for families with young people who have bladder or bowel diversions / dysfunctions.

UK family support charity. Home Start volunteers help families with young children to deal with whatever challenges they face.

Family Lives -
National support charity ‘helping families with any problem or challenge they face’.

Parenting Across Scotland -
Partnership of charities offering support to children and families in Scotland.

National Autistic Society -
National charity for autistic people (including those with Asperger’s syndrome) and their families.

Action for Children -
Work to make sure every child and young person 'has the love, support and opportunity they need to reach their potential'.

Scope -
Provide support, information and advice to disabled people and their families.

Living Made Easy for Children -
Impartial advice and information about daily living equipment and other aspects of independent living for children, set up by the Disabled Living Foundation.

Family Fund -
UK charity providing grants for families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people.

Turn2Us -
National charity helping people in financial hardship to gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial support.

The Sleep Council -
Impartial organisation which spreads awareness of how crucial sleep is for health and well-being.    

Contact -
National charity for families of disabled children.     

Peer to peer forums           

Social network for health with over 500 communities covering a wide range of health issues. Visit ERIC’s message board to chat to others experiencing a childhood bowel or bladder problem.

Child Continence Support Group (CCSG)

Movicol Mummies

Encopresis Support UK

Daytime Wetting in Children and Teens

LIBBI UK - Leaks, incontinence, bladder and bowel issues

Encopresis Support Worldwide

Children's Continence Support 

Mitrofanoff Support Group