Your conferences are consistently brilliant so keep doing what you are doing! Many thanks. (Continence Nurse for Paediatrics, West Midlands - attended ERIC conference 2018)

Please refer to our separate terms and conditions for delegates and exhibitors below.

Terms and conditions - delegates

ERIC reserves the right to make changes to the conference programme and speakers without prior notice. All information contained in our literature and on our website is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing.

Delegates wishing to attend the conference must complete the online booking form.

Confirmation of registration

Email confirmation will be sent to the email address provided on the booking form. If the email address is unclear, incomplete or inaccurate you will not receive this confirmation or any other important event information. If you do not receive an immediate automated confirmation, we recommend that you contact us to check if we have received your booking.

Invoice payment terms

30 days either from the date of invoice or before the conference (whichever sooner). Payment must be received prior to the conference and it is your responsibility to make sure that your Finance Department processes the invoice in time. Please ensure you check with your Finance Department as to whether a Purchase Order is required and if so, this must be submitted to us at the time of booking.

If payment is not made prior to the conference and you do not attend you will still be liable for the cost of the event. If payment is not made prior to the conference and you arrive onsite we will request payment.

Cancellation and refund policy

Notice of cancellation must be made in writing. Cancellations received by 31 August 2020 will receive a 75% refund. Unfortunately, no refunds can be made after this date and if payment has not been received delegates will still be liable for payment of the full fee. Substitute delegates will be welcome up to 2 weeks prior to the event but we must be notified of this in writing.


For security and catering purposes, we ask that you wear your conference delegate badge throughout the event. You will not be permitted to enter conference sessions, the exhibition and catering if you are not wearing your badge.

Afternoon seminars / breakout sessions

We will endeavour to allocate delegates to their choice of sessions but, as the numbers in each room are limited, it will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis. Once allocations have been made, unfortunately it will not be possible for delegates to move to different sessions.

Terms and conditions - exhibitors


‘The Event’: ERIC conference, 6 October 2020
‘The Organiser’: ERIC (The Children’s Bowel & Bladder Charity)
‘The Exhibitor’: Any person, firm, company, association or organisation and its employees, servants or agents to whom display space or a sponsorship package is allocated at the Event.

Stand application / allocation

Companies wishing to exhibit must complete the online booking form. No application will be considered valid until a booking form is received and the booking confirmed.

The Organiser reserves the right to refuse any application or prohibit any exhibit without assigning any reason for such refusal or prohibition.

Stands are assigned subject to availability. The Organiser reserves the right to alter the layout or allocation of the stands and compensation will not be given.

Payment terms

An invoice will be issued and payment should be made within 30 days. If the event is within 30 days of the stand or sponsorship package being booked, full payment will be required with the booking.


In the event of the Exhibitor giving written notice at any time prior to the Event of an intention to cancel the stand/sponsorship or fails to occupy the stand space by the morning of the Event, the Organiser will have absolute discretion to deal with the display space as it thinks fit, without being under any liability to refund or rebate any charge paid or due herein, except as provided below.

Once a stand booking form has been received, any Exhibitor who subsequently decides for any reason to withdraw from the Event shall immediately inform the Organiser in writing and shall be liable to pay the following cancellation charges, plus VAT:

  • Cancellations on/before 30 April 2020 = 25%
  • Cancellations received between 1 May and 31 August 2020 = 50%
  • Cancellations on/after 1 September 2020 = 100%

Change of date / venue or cancellation

The Organiser reserves the right at any time to change the date and/or venue of the Event or to cancel it altogether if it is deemed necessary for any cause beyond the Organiser’s control; or if the Organiser for any other reason deems it necessary or advisable. In such cases, the Exhibitor waives any and all claims he might have against the Organiser for refunds, damages or expenses.

In the event that the Event is cancelled for commercial reasons such as lack of support then all sums paid by the Exhibitor for the stand/sponsorship will be refunded. The Exhibitor/Sponsor agrees that under these circumstances he/she will have no further claims against the Organiser.

Bankruptcy or liquidation

In the event of an Exhibitor becoming bankrupt or entering into liquidation or having the receiver appointed, the contract with such an Exhibitor will terminate forthwith, the allotment of stand space will be cancelled and all sums paid by the Exhibitor under contract shall be forfeit.

Installation and removal of exhibits / delivery and collection

Exhibitors will not be able to set up their stand until the morning of 6 October 2020 unless special arrangements have been made with the Organiser.

No stand may be dismantled, packed away or removed until the exhibition at the Event is closed.

The Exhibitor must ensure that all exhibits are removed from the premises on 6 October 2020. Goods cannot be stored at the Hilton and the hotel is not responsible for any goods left on site. The hotel may need to dispose of any items left on site after the event has finished.

Deliveries and collections must be accompanied by the correct Hilton forms. Without prior notice the Hilton cannot accept more than 4 x A4 size boxes. Deliveries will only be accepted at the security office located at the rear of the hotel and will not be accepted more than two working days prior to the event date.

Display / stand design

All stands consist of a 5ft table and 2 chairs. Any Exhibitor who wants to build/bring their own stand must obtain approval from the Organiser at least 30 days prior to the Event.

The Event will be open to visitors during the times advertised and the Exhibitor must ensure the stand is ready 30 minutes before the opening time. Stands must be fully staffed at all times during Exhibition opening hours.

The Exhibitor must not alter or tamper with the structure of the stand area, including flooring, lights and electrical sockets, and must ensure that nails or screws are not used. Exhibitors must keep within their designated exhibition space and keep gangways clear at all times.

The Exhibitor must ensure that any sound coming from his/her stand is kept to a volume that does not cause annoyance to other Exhibitors.

The Organiser reserves the right to remove any materials or literature considered to be of an obscene or objectionable nature and remove any exhibit it considers unsafe. Compensation will not be given.


No part or whole of any site may be sublet by the Exhibitor without the prior written consent of the Organiser.

Electrical requirements

Exhibitors are permitted to use small electrical items such as laptops if they have requested use of an electric socket subject to the items being PAT tested. Larger machinery may be permitted but the Exhibitor must obtain approval from the Organiser at least 30 days prior to the Event.

Insurance and security

The Exhibitor should ensure that all items on the stand are covered by full and comprehensive insurance, and that valuables are kept secure. The Organiser cannot accept responsibility for any losses incurred.

The Exhibitor should ensure he/she has adequate insurance to cover all liabilities and rights.

The Exhibitor will indemnify the Organiser for any damage to the premises by the Exhibitor, his agents, contractors, or employees.

Limitation on liability

The Organiser, its agents and employees shall not be liable for any loss, theft, damage or injury to persons or property during the terms of this agreement from any cause whatsoever.