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Amy and Kane's story

ERIC means so much to Kane and I. Everyone on the team has been fab and understanding. I want to fundraise to make sure they can continue to help families like mine.

Amy is a long-standing supporter of ERIC. Her little boy, Kane, is 8. He has suffered with chronic constipation since he was a toddler and has been hospitalised several times. . 

Amy has run two half-marathons to raise funds for ERIC and to increase understanding about childhood continence by talking openly about Kane's painful bowel problems,

Amy and Kane also took part in the Let's Talk About Poo TV show with Dr Ranj to raise awareness about constipation and soiling. 

Kane is following in his mum's footsteps. He showed Princess Anne how to play the poo game when she visited ERIC in 2016. 

On the finishing line of the Bournemouth Half Marathon Amy said:

I loved it. My knees are sore, but I love doing it for ERIC. Everyone on the team has been fab and understanding. Kane loves ERIC too, I'm now planning to jump out of a plane. I've got the bug now.

True to her words, Amy jumped out of a plane the following year to raise more money for ERIC. Her energy and generosity are infectious, she has inspired many of us in the ERIC office, including Juliette Randall, our chief executive, to face our fear of heights. To this day, Amy has inspired seven ERIC employees and volunteers to jump out of a plane! 

There are many children and teenagers who have overcome their wetting or soiling problems because of the courage, generosity and resilience of Amy and Kane.

Helen and Onnee

Onnee was 5 when her mum, Helen, first called the helpline. She wanted advice on how best to treat her little girl's chronic constipation. 

I talked to a wonderfully understanding lady and blurted out my daughter's whole story and cried. I hadn't realised how lonely and isolated I felt until I talked to ERIC.I felt utter relief washed over me.

It's been three years and Onnee's problems are still affecting her life. Childhood constipation can take years to overcome. There's no quick fix, that's why having support when things take a turn for the worst makes a huge difference.

ERIC remain a source of strength for me. The staff are able to reassure that we're making progress and what we experience isn't unusual.

Giving something back

In the summer 2018, Helen took part in the Manx Telecom Parish Walk. The walk is a mind-blowing endurance challenge. Competitors have 24 hours to complete the 85 mile route taking place in all 17 of the Isle of Man's parishes.

I decided to attempt the challenge to raise awareness about the work ERIC does. Incontinence is exhausting, humiliating and life-changing. I am so grateful ERIC is available whenever we need it. This walk is for ERIC. We need to raise awareness as much as money for this great charity!

What is it like to walk 85 miles in less than 24 hours?

It was an amazing experience. But when I reached 58 miles, my feet exploded, blisters went crazy and I had to stop to get them covered. I couldn't get my foot back in my trainer, so I switched to a pair of walking sandals for the rest of the walk.


We watched the sun set then rise. At about 70 miles, the walk became unbelievably tough and grueling. But the atmosphere was amazing, the whole island came out to support the walkers, bringing food and drinks.

At last... the finishing line

I crossed the line in tears, I crossed the line on Onnee's 8th birthday. It was grueling, it was amazing, I was so many things I just can't express. I ache, I'm exhausted, but I'm so pleased I did it. Still quite can't believe it it!!

We still can't quite believe it either. We feel blessed to have supporters like Helen and Amy on the team. Because of them, we've been able to help hundreds of families  who had reached the end of their tether. 

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