Softy the Poop: Helping Families Talk About Poop

A book by Dr Thomas R DuHamel.

This fun, colorfully illustrated book teaches the difference between normal poo and constipated poo. Softy the Poop tells kids why he likes to be soft and why he doesn't like to be hard. Softy encourages kids to eat food that keeps their poo soft and to try to poo on the toilet every day.The book also includes 'Poop Notes for Parents' and a drawing activity for kids.

Most parents are uncomfortable talking about poo. Unfortunately, when families do not talk about poo, children are more likely to become constipated. Softy the Poop can help by educating children and parents and by facilitating healthy parent-child conversations about poo.

Dr Duhamel is also the author of 'The Ins and Outs of Poop', a guide for families about managing mild and severe constipation. Also available in the ERIC shop.