Malem™ body-worn bedwetting alarm (MO4) - one sound and vibration

The Malem MO4 body-worn bedwetting alarm offers the choice of a loud sound and provides stimulus by a silent vibration. This may be particularly suited to deep sleepers. 

After being woken up over several nights, the child will either wake up before they do a wee or will learn to sleep through the night without wetting the bed. 

Iveta recently purchased this alarm and says: 

It was a wonderful relief for us, the overnight bedwetting fully stopped after 3 weeks! 

The Malem MO4 alarm has a small 'noise box' which is pinned or clipped to the pyjama top (towards the collar bone area) and a sensor that is clipped to the outside of the pants.

Measures 5.3 x 5 x 1.7cm and weighs 53g.

Supplied with externally detachable replaceable gold-plated Easy-Clip sensor (not covered under guarantee).

AAA batteries included.

All alarms include full instructions.

Guaranteed for one year (excluding sensors, batteries and damage & misuse).

The alarm comes in two other models, also supplied by ERIC:

1. 8 random sounds and vibration - M04(8)

2. 8 selectable sounds and vibration - M04(S)

Please click here for replacement Easy Clip Sensor

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