Malem wireless alarm (MO7EC)

The Malem wireless alarm is ideal for children with learning difficulties. The alarm can be used day or night in two ways: 1) to indicate urination so that the child is changed or 2) to develop a toileting regime.

The wetness sensor consists of a small transmitter and a portable receiver. The transmitter can be attached to the supplied Easy-Clip sensor or standard sensor or a bed mat (optional extra). The transmitter detects urination or wetness, which then activates the receiver which emits a choice of alarm sounds, music or a recorded message. A silent vibrating option is also available. 

Wireless alarm features:

  • Ideal for children with learning difficulties
  • Day and night use
  • Record user name for easy identification when wet
  • Record your own sounds, music or personal message
  • A choice of pre-recorded music, single sounds or eight sounds
  • Volume control with minimum limit
  • Choice of body sensors or optional comfortable bed mat
  • Up to 16 transmitter / receiver units in one location
  • Several receivers per one transmitter is possible
  • Sound on/off choice when used with optional vibrating accessory
  • Optional external vibrating unit
  • Range: 25 metres in open field

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