Malem™ ultimate multi-choice bedwetting alarm with Easy-Clip sensor (M017)

Malem Ultimate Multi-Choice bedwetting alarm is a body-worn alarm that gives the carer or the user the ultimate choice when choosing how best to be woken. Comes with Easy Clip sensor.

After being woken up over several nights, the child will either wake up before they do a wee or will learn to sleep through the night without wetting the bed. This alarm is also available with a flat plate sensor.

The bedwetting alarm features:

  • Three messages to record
  • Eight loud sounds
  • Twenty songs and melodies
  • Strong vibrations
  • Volume control
  • Easy Clip sensor
  • Flashing LED light
  • Reliable clip
  • Micro-processor controlled
  • Battery operated

Please click here for replacement Easy Clip Sensor

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