Malem™ wireless bedwetting alarm (M012)

The Malem wireless bedwetting alarm can be placed on a bedside table and the Easy-Clip© sensor can be attached to close-fitting underwear. It is a comfortable, compact and light-weight alarm that is great for children who don't wear pyjamas in bed.

A parents review of this alarm:

it worked amazingly well and my seven year old who had previously never had a dry night in her life is now free from nappies. We followed the instruction to the letter and watched the videos before starting which I think helped.

Attach the small transmitter (3.8 cm) to the waistband and the Easy-Clip© sensor to the outside of the child's underwear. The receiver can be placed on a bedside table or up to 25 meters from the bed, however, for the treatment and cure of enuresis (bedwetting), the receiver must be in the same room as the transmitter.

Bedwetting alarm features:

  • Uses Malem’s famous unisex Easy-Clip© sensor
  • Choose from eight sounds
  • Eight random sounds to prevent ‘Auditory Accommodation’
  • Flashing LED light
  • Volume control
  • Battery operated (no mains electricity)
  • Advanced auto channel tuning with 64 choices
  • Long range up to 25 metres
  • Additional receivers can be purchased for parents/carers
  • Can be used for geriatric incontinence management

ERIC also stocks additional or replacement receivers and transmitters.

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I can’t recommend it highly enough. It has literally changed our lives! - Lexi Ashford

Excellent product, easy to use. 1 year later my daughter remains dry through the night. - Becky Hart