Kes-Vir Girls Swimsuit pink wrap, age 3-4 years (other sizes available)

This specially designed wrap swimsuit for girls has an attractive waterfall frill design and is suitable for children who have lack of limb movement, stiffness and undertone muscles.

The child can be laid down on the opened up swimsuit and the swimsuit wrapped over and fastened with hook and loop, poppers and ties at the side. No more struggling with pulling and tugging swimsuits on and off.

This is the first ever opening-style full swimsuit for girls.

A waterproof nappy is intricately integrated within the swimsuit, but the swimsuit is not designed to keep in urine or diarrhoea.

• Both waist and leg cuffs are extendable

• Chlorine resistant and UPF 50+

• Machine washable and quick drying.

Also available in the following sizes: Age 5-6 years Age 7-8 years