Hippychick single duvet protector (double also available)

The Hippychick kid's duvet protectors are discreet, breathable and suitable for light to medium incontinence. 

Ideal for every eventuality and perfect for camping and travelling, as well as everyday use at home.

Made from high quality lightweight jersey fabric, soft to the touch and very comfortable.

This duvet protector is waterproof without the awful feeling of sleeping in a crisp packet! Gone are the sweaty, rustling plastic sheets that so many parents and children dread and in their place is an ultra soft, breathable, waterproof protection for your quilts. 

The layer of polyurethane that makes the protectors waterproof also acts as an anti-allergy barrier and protects against dust mites: a major cause of asthma and hayfever.

The Hippychick mattress protector range is endorsed by ERIC.

Size – single

Please note the seams are not taped.

Also available: Double