Effective Management of Bladder and Bowel Problems in Children

Written by Mandy Wells and Liz Bonner. 

A comprehensive text exploring all children's continence problems. Gives practical, easy-to-adopt guidance on how problems can be controlled and managed in the clinical and community setting.

Chapters are written by leading practitioners from a range of disciplines: nursing, medicine, surgery, psychology and education. The book emphasises the importance of thorough assessment and identification of the causes of incontinence, and advises on addressing problems in the most appropriate way for the individual child.

Busy practitioners will welcome having key points highlighted at the start of each chapter, as well as extensive real case studies, useful resources, and a full glossary of key terms.

Topics covered include:

  • How to safeguard children and how to communicate effectively with parents
  • Relevant anatomy and physiology of bladder and bowel
  • Tests and investigations to identify bladder and bowel dysfunction
  • Surgical perspectives and other forms of management
  • Dealing with psychological issues and long-term difficulties
  • Strategies for developing integrated paediatric continence services