Dry-Me bedwetting alarm

The Dry-Me alarm has three alert settings that allow you to pick between sound and vibration, sound only, or vibration only.

When sounds are used, the alarm will play 8 random sounds so that your child does not tune out one specific sound.

The Dry-Me alarm features:

  • 8 random sounds
  • Sound and vibration
  • Vibration only
  • Sound is delivered at high volume to effectively rouse your child from sleep
  • When vibration is used, the alarm delivers a continuous strong pulse
  • Alarm lights up when urine is detected, making it easy to locate in the dark

Most children respond best to sound and vibration simultaneously, so the alarm is set to do both when you receive it. 

After being woken up over several nights, the child will either wake up before they do a wee or will learn to sleep through the night without wetting the bed. 

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Please note that the sensors are replaceable items. They do wear out and are not covered by the guarantee.

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"My daughter wore this for about 2 nights before she was either waking for a wee or dry all night!!! Amazing! She had a couple of accidents but so far has been dry for 5 nights!! She said the thought of it going off really bothered her so I guess that's how it works as well as becoming aware of physicalities involved. We've got another week to be dry until no alarm. My daughter is 9 and so pleased."

Tracey Taylor - 17th November 2018 at 10:04