Dry Like Me Night Time/ Toilet Training Pads

Disposable pads for toilet training and beyond. Dry Like Me toilet training pads can help parents going through the stressful and messy challenge of toilet training, and can make a huge difference to those experiencing ongoing issues with toilet training, daytime and night time wetting.

Dry Like Me pads have been specially designed for children. The are designed with the best shape, size and structure to capture liquids and solids and are comfortable to use.

These pads can also be used for bedwetting in older children, in conjunction with an alarm, as they are discreet and manageable. Each box includes a handy waterproof carry pouch.

  • 14 disposable potty training pads for night time use
  • Soft and comfortable with a fast absorbing core to capture mess
  • Allows potty training to continue at night 
  • Accelerates training by helping a child feel when they have had an accident
  • Fits inside a child's own pants

Absorbency approx. 180 mls

Each pack contains 14 pads

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