DRI Sleeper Eclipse wireless bedwetting alarm

The DRI Sleeper® Eclipse alarm uses a remote wireless sensor to detect bedwetting. Simply place the small Urosensor in the child's underwear and the DRI Sleeper® Eclipse receiver on a nearby bedside table. When wetting starts, the Urosensor will trigger the receiver alarm, sounding a loud alert and waking the child.

Features of the Dri Sleeper® Eclipse bedwetting alarm:

  • No wires between alarm and sensor
  • DRI Sleeper alarm unit size: 70 x 40 x 20mm 
  • High volume with tamper-proof volume adjustment
  • Designed like a small 'space rocket' for child appeal
  • The Urosensor™ can transmit to more than one DRI Sleeper® alarm unit, so there can be another receiver in a parent's or carer's room
  • Big detecting area to detect urine
  • Battery will last for three months of nightly use triggering twice a night and therefore shouldn't need changing during the normal treatment period

Urosensor™ technology – the only non-metal urine sensor means there is no corrosion by urine, no skin irritation, and is easy to clean for instant reuse. The sensor will last at least a year if used nightly and triggers the alarm twice a night. The special electronics make the wireless Urosensor™ completely safe. For instructions on pairing the alarm please click here

Click here for replacement Eclipse Urosensor

Please note that the sensors are replaceable items. They do wear out and are not covered by the guarantee.

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"My daughter wore this for about 2 nights before she was either waking for a wee or dry all night!!! Amazing! She had a couple of accidents but so far has been dry for 5 nights!! She said the thought of it going off really bothered her so I guess that's how it works as well as becoming aware of physicalities involved. We've got another week to be dry until no alarm. My daughter is 9 and so pleased." Ruth, January 2019