Cheeky Wipes washable wipes and kits

What if you could get that botty clean, protect your baby, the future of the planet and save money? All with a baby wipe?

Introducing Cheeky Baby Wipes for cloth OR disposable nappy users!

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Cheeky Baby Wipes are at the forefront of a bottom cleaning revolution.

No more throwing endless baby wipes in the bin, no more worry about harsh chemicals on your baby’s skin. A hassle free washable cloth that’ll do your bit for the environment and save you money.

  • Baby wipes that will save you money - at least £250 against disposable baby wipes
  • Cloth baby wipes that are eco-friendly - do your bit for the planet - less landfill.
  • Washable soft baby wipes that are gentle on your baby's bottom - just water and 0.16% essential oils!
  • Hassle-free baby wipes All-In-One Kit - convenient and no extra washloads, no drying required.

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ERIC has teamed up with Cheeky Wipes, a great little company that makes washable baby wipes. By clicking on our shop link through to their site, ERIC will receive a small commission on any Cheeky Wipes products that you buy. Any money raised this way will be invested back into delivering our charitable services.