Brolly Sheets simple sleeping bag liner - navy

This liner fits inside most standard sleeping bags (170cm x 70cm) and there is a side opening to make it easy to get in and out of.

The top and bottom are waterproof so if your child wets, or 'wraps themselves around' the liner will still protect the sleeping bag. An added benefit is that the waterproof layer will stop ground moisture from reaching the sleeper.

Simply sleep inside this liner to be assured of a good night's sleep with no leaks, even if an accident does occur.

Also available in: White

Customer review of this product:

"This sleeping bag liner arrived promptly. The liner is really good quality and, having washed before use as detailed, worked brilliantly for our son who was attending an outdoor activity camp. The material didn't rustle and is like a heavy cotton - his friends actually envied the liner as the weather was warm and our son used it both in and out of his sleeping bag! The foot area is vented to avoid over-heating and the liner is soft so comfortable to sleep in. Our son said he slept far better whilst away knowing he had this extra layer of 'protection'! The liner has washed/worn really well and is entirely colourfast (we chose the navy version). It really is superb and know we will use this whilst camping again and again. I am delighted with this purchase and wish we'd bought one sooner!" - Beckie May