Brolly Sheets quilted sleeping bag liner

The top and bottom of this sleeping ban liner are waterproof so if your child wets, or 'wraps themselves around' the liner will still protect the sleeping bag. An added benefit is that the waterproof layer will stop ground moisture from reaching the sleeper.

This product has a quilted bottom layer to sleep on and a double layer top. Waterproof products will never be as thin as a cotton sheet because they need waterproof membranes. So this liner will be warmer than a cotton non-waterproof liner. In fact, some customers use it without a bag with just a blanket on top.

The liner fits inside most standard sleeping bags (170cm x 70cm) and there is a side opening to make it easy to get in and out of.

Simply sleep inside this liner to be assured of a good night's sleep with no leaks, even if an accident does happen.