Bedwetting in Children and Young People - A Simple Guide for Parents

This 2nd edition of the book by Dr C Yemula provides simple and up-to-date information about bedwetting seen in children and young people.

You can try a number of simple self-help and behavioural strategies to help your child’s bedwetting difficulties. In addition, the book provides a wealth of information about common causes of bedwetting, associated conditions, various treatment options and also user-friendly resources.

Comments from readers

‘As the parent of a child with enuresis problems, I know this book will be a huge help to you and your family as you support your child through their bedwetting’ - mother of Emma, aged 10 years whose bedwetting has resolved following medication and alarm treatments.

‘It is easy to understand, makes you appreciate you are not the only one and takes the seriousness out of the condition’ - mother of Charlie, aged 7 years with bedwetting.

‘Dr Yemula has been a regular and well regarded trainer for ERIC for many years. He is a great supporter of our work and I am delighted to endorse his latest practical guide for parents and carers which is brimming with information, helpful tips and strategies to manage bedwetting’ -Juliette Randall, CEO, ERIC, The Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity.