Abena Abri-Form Junior Nappies - XS2 32 Pack

Abri-Form Junior are Abena’s disposable nappies for teenagers and children, designed specifically to fit those who have outgrown the standard nappy range who suffer from quick and uncontrolled urination. 

Suggested suitable for children and teenagers up to 15 years old. This age range should be used as a guide only.

Abena’s youth diapers offer a narrower core and a smaller leg cut, which makes them a perfect choice as nappies for teenagers. Strong elastic curves and flexible tapes also make this junior incontinence product a suitable solution when looking for nappies for disabled children.

Abri-Form Junior provides full breathability and a fast absorbing sub-layer that spreads the liquid and makes the user feel dry even after leakage.

Size: Abri-Form Junior XS2 (40-60cm)
Absorbency: 1500ml

Each pack contains 32 nappies. 

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  • 4 resealable tapes for easy fitting
  • Narrower core offers a smaller leg cut perfectly suited for juniors
  • Anatomic fit
  • Top Dry ® acquisition layer
  • Elastic waistband
  • Leakage barrier
  • Wetness indicator
  • Non-woven sub-layer to spread liquid providing quicker absorption

Measure your child’s waist and hip size and use the biggest measurement of the two to determine the hip/waist size of the product required.

Abri-Form Junior fits children or teenagers whose hip or waist measurement is between 40-60cm and the narrower core allows for a better fit around small legs, larger sizes are available from www.abenaonline.co.uk upon request.