A Boy Like You: A story for boys who soil

Written by James Parkin, who had soiling problems as a child and often messed his pants until he was 11. James has used his experiences, and those of other children with encopresis, as the basis for writing the book. James wrote the book to provide hope and support for children who soil, so they are aware that they are not alone in having this problem and they can, with help, overcome it. 

This story has been specially written for boys aged from 6 to 12 years who have problems using the toilet and soil their underwear. It is also vital reading for anyone who wants to learn about living with encopresis. Also available for girls.

  • Helps children who soil feel less alone and isolated
  • Helps children understand that they can overcome encopresis
  • Encourages children to try to use the toilet
  • Helps parents and children talk about soiling problems
  • Helps parents to understand encopresis from their child's point of view