The ERIC Conference 2018 provided a varied programme suitable for a range of professionals working with children and their families. Each morning presentation lasted just the right amount of time and there were excellent speakers throughout the whole of the day. The ERIC staff were friendly and approachable as were the exhibition holders. Overall an excellent, well organised day. Thank you ERIC! (Siobhan Castle, Health Play Specialist, Ipswich Hospital)   

Conference objectives

  • Bring the latest research to the forefront of practice
  • Highlight the impact of bladder & bowel problems on family life
  • Opportunities to hear about the most up to date technologies
  • Exciting new policy developments
  • Sharing ideas and perspectives through the multi-disciplinary team

Evidence of attendance and certification will be provided in order to support CPD and NMC revalidation for nurses

Programme to include:

  • National Bladder and Bowel Health Project Update - Sue Doheny, Regional Chief Nurse, NHS England and NHS Improvement
  • Neuromodulation as an additional step in the pyramid of care for children with constipation and faecal incontinence - Georgina Malakounides, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon & Andrea Jordan, Lead Clinical Nurse Specialist at Addenbrookes Hospital
  • Building a Paediatric Continence Service: A New Approach - Jennifer Walsh, Paediatric Continence Nurse Specialist at Powys Teaching Health Board
  • Parental and children’s experience on introducing and implementing Clean Intermittent Catheterisation
    - Mr Massimo Garriboli, Consultant Paediatric Urologist at Evelina London Children’s Hospital 
  • Improving Continence in Children with Neurodisability (ICoN): What are people doing and is there any evidence it is effective? - Christopher Morris, Associate Professor in Child Health Research at University of Exeter
  • URApp: A smartphone app to aid self-management of daytime urinary incontinence in young people
     - Carol Joinson, Associate Professor (Reader) in Developmental Psychology at the University of Bristol
  • Bladder and Bowel Confidence (BABCON) Health Integration Team - Dr. Nikki Cotterill, University of the West of England


  1. Catheterisation made easy: Accessing bladders via suprapubic, urethral, Mitrofanoff routes and mickey buttons - Keisha Hepburn, Paediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Evelina Children's Hospital
  2. Therapeutic management to achieving toileting independence for children with additional needs
     - Sammy Randall, Occupational Therapist, The Children's Trust
  3. Let's Go Potty! ERIC's campaign to raise awareness of the importance of timely potty training and how to make it happen in your locality - Juliette Rayner and the ERIC Team
  4. When to relax and when to contract - what should you be doing with your pelvic floor? - Led by Brenda Cheer, ERIC Nurse

Speakers' biographies

Find out more about our expert speakers:

Brenda Cheer

Sue Doheny

Massimo Garriboli

Keisha Hepburn

Carol Joinson

Christopher Morris

Sammy Randall

Jennifer Walsh

Georgina Malakounides & Andrea Jordan