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ERIC Paediatric Continence Care Conference 2022

Date: 10th October 2022

Venue: Hilton Birmingham Metropole

Time: 9am - 4.30pm

We are returning to a physical event with a virtual option also available via live streaming from the main conference room. 

#ERICConf2022 - Equality and Inclusion: Making sure no child is left out or left behind will focus on children with additional needs and those with toileting anxieties. 

The programme will include expert speakers on a number of topics including:

  • Updates on both national and ERIC projects
  • The latest research
  • Up to date thinking around sensory issues. 

Tickets are now available for the conference  Buy tickets

The cost is £99 per person. You can view the delegate registration page for details of how to book your place. 


If you would like to be an exhibitor at this event, please go to the exhibitor registration page where you will find details of fees and an enquiry form to book a space.

Abstract submission

Poster presentations will be on display at the conference with the chance for the three top applicants to present their findings in person. If you have a project that you've been working on, or are about to start work on, please do submit an abstract. The deadline is 31st July 2022. Please see our abstracts page for more details including a step by step guide.

A very informative and slick conference which was very well organised and efficient. The speakers were all very engaging and confident. I have not only taken a lot away but enjoyed it so much I was clapping at the end (to myself in my kitchen!). I am looking forward to the next one. (Nicola Matthews, Paediatric Continence Nurse - attended ERIC conference 2020)   

Conference objectives

  • Promote equality and inclusion in continence care

  • Bring the latest research to the forefront of practice

  • Highlight the impact of bladder & bowel problems on children of all ages and needs

  • Demonstrate the use of new pathways and resources

  • Share ideas and perspectives through the multi-disciplinary team
Evidence of attendance will be provided in order to support CPD and NMC revalidation for nurses. 

Programme to include:

  • National constipation project update - Sue Doheny, Regional Chief Nurse, NHS England and NHS Improvement

  • Our reality - ERIC Young Champions - what young people want you to know about living with bladder and bowel conditions

  • Mental Health and Incontinence: bidirectional relationships and causal mechanisms - Carol Joinson, Professor of Developmental Psychology, University of Bristol

  • Empowering the family - Pilot study of an app-based enuresis alarm - Tryggve Nevéus, Associate Professor & Consultant in Paediatric Nephrology, Uppsala University, Sweden

  • Interoception, the 8th Sense: The Science of How We Feel - Kelly Mahler, Occupational Therapist & Interoception expert

  • Understanding the Whole Child: how listening to the mind can help the body - Rachel Melville-Thomas, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

  • Moving beyond evidence of effectiveness: the barriers and facilitators to implementing constipation treatments - findings from the SUCCESS project - Pauline Campbell, Research Fellow, Glasgow Caledonian University & Karen Jankulak 


  1. Toilet training for children with complex ASD and/or Intellectual disability - Annemarie Sims, Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist, Evelina London Children’s Hospital. This workshop will look at the barriers to successful toileting for young people with complex needs and practical strategies to optimise independence.

  2. Letting it out (not holding it in) - Eve Fleming, Clinical Education Fellow, University of Warwick Medical School & Fiona Boorman, Nurse Advisor, ERIC Helpline. This workshop will explore both the mechanics and emotional aspects of withholding poo. It will use stories and case studies to illustrate the topic and discuss interventions and resources. It will include the needs of families and approaches that may be needed in nursery and educational settings.

  3. How Integrated Care Systems are well positioned to improve bowel health for all children - Juliette Rayner, CEO, ERIC, Brenda Cheer, ERIC Nurse & Davina Richardson, Children's Specialist Nurse, Bladder & Bowel UK. The new national constipation care pathway will be launched later this year. This workshop is an opportunity to discover how the pathway and supporting resources align with an integrated model of care.  Beginning with promoting healthy bowels in babies right through to the transition to adult services and every step in between!
  4.  The impact of late diagnosis and not getting help at the right time! - Bala Eradi, Paediatric Surgeon, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. Bali and his team perform colorectal surgery on children and question whether this is always the best option? This workshop explores how the child and parent/carer voices are not being heard and how not getting the right help at the right time and late diagnosis might impact on health and well-being outcomes for all parties. We will discuss powerful case studies from the perspectives of the child, young person or the family.

Speakers' biographies

Find out more about our expert speakers:

Fiona Boorman

Pauline Campbell

Brenda Cheer

Sue Doheny

Bala Eradi

Eve Fleming

Karen Jankulak

Carol Joinson

Kelly Mahler

Rachel Melville-Thomas

Tryggve Nevéus

Davina Richardson

Annemarie Sims