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Potty Training Webinar

A four part webinar series, with one of ERIC's potty training experts answering the most commonly asked questions about potty training. Each video is about 15 minutes long.

We are grateful to the Novia Foundation for funding this webinar series.

ERIC guides: 

Potty training leaflet cover            

ERICs guide for children with additional needs

Other ERIC resources and products: 


BBC Tiny Happy People logoPotty Training: How communication is the key to success with BBC Tiny Happy People.  

Videos and podcasts:

When is my child ready for potty training? Discover the signs to look out for to see if your child is ready to start potty training:

Our 10 minute podcast episode on potty training regression at nursery has lots of tips about how to help your child get their toileting back on track when they start nursery or pre-school.

I am a Health Visitor Podcast with a member of the ERIC helpline sharing tips on toilet training, constipation and healthy bladders and bowels.