It was 1999 and we were still reeling from the shock of discovering that our beloved elder son had leukaemia.

He was just about to celebrate his sixth birthday but looked nearer to 60 – pale, listless, sad and scared; stiff of neck following an operation to insert a permanent medicine port and immobile because he was hooked up to a drip which over the next three years would deliver many gallons of good blood, platelets, saline and vicious cancer killers into his system.

It was a harsh time and we were faced with yet another challenge. To our brave boy’s horror, the constant intake of fluids turned him into a bedwetter.

In the context of his bigger health issues, a sodden duvet probably seems minor. But this was a boy who desperately needed self-confidence and undisturbed rest to carry him through, and a family too preoccupied with worry, hospital visits and the administering of dangerous pills and potions to also cope with nightly changes of bedding or the constant laundering of PJs and sheets.

Then someone told us about ERIC. Within days, we had received special sheets from ERIC’s shop to keep our son’s bed dry as well as advice on how to ease night-time bladder pressures and how to re-establish full continence when treatment ended.

Amid all of ERIC’s other good work, it’s probable that our case barely even registered. But – believe me – when all around seems dark, it is magically uplifting when someone steps in, waves a wand and – poof! – suddenly you’ve one less problem to fret about. So, thank you ERIC!

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