Astric Dry Bed bedside bedwetting alarm


The Astric Dry Bed bedwetting alarm consists of a small, well-designed and sensitive control unit and a light and comfortable detector pad, which is placed over the mattress. When the child wets the bed and the first drops of wee touch the pad and the alarm sounds. Read more

Malem™ wireless bedwetting alarm (M012)


The Malem™ wireless bedwetting alarm can be placed on a bedside table and the Easy-Clip© sensor can be attached to close-fitting underwear. It is a comfortable, compact and light-weight alarm that is great for children who don't wear pyjamas in bed. Read more

Malem™ bedside bedwetting alarm (M06)


The Malem™ bedside bedwetting alarm and bed mat is one of the most comprehensive and adaptable bedwetting alarms available. Read more

DRI Sleeper Eclipse wireless bedwetting alarm


The DRI Sleeper eclipse wireless alarm has only two parts: a bedside alarm unit and a conductive plastic sensor which is also a transmitter. This provides added comfort for the wearer as the sensor does not use a transmitter box attached to the underwear. the alarm responds quickly to bedwetting as the sensor is placed inside the underwear to capture the first drops of urine it can also be used with pull-ups and diapers. the sensor is safe and easy to clean and dry for immediate re-use. It can Read more

Malem replacement bed mat


Replacement bed mat for Malem bedwetting alarm (M06). Read more