Become a bedwetting detective

Watch our short animated film for clues to help you work out why your child is bedwetting. Read more

What causes bedwetting?

There are three main reasons why an estimated half a million children and young people in the UK struggle with bedwetting. Find out more about the underlying causes. Read more

Treating bedwetting

Watch our brand new animated film and find out how to treat and manage this common childhood condition. Read more

Bedwetting alarms

Find out how to use a bedwetting alarm to help your child learn to become dry at night. Read more

Tips for sleepovers and camps

Bedwetting shouldn't stop kids from joining in with nights away from home. Here are some tips to take the stress out of sleepovers. Read more

Medicines for bedwetting

If a bedwetting alarm doesn't help or isn't suitable, ask your doctor about the medicines which can be prescribed for enuresis. Read more

Sudden onset bedwetting - why does this happen?

Secondary bedwetting (also known as secondary nocturnal enuresis) is when children or teenagers wet again after at least six months of nighttime dryness. Read more

World Bedwetting Day 2019

World Bedwetting Day raises awareness of this common condition that can and should be treated. It takes place on the last Tuesday in May. Read more

Bedwetting: FAQs

Answers to common bedwetting questions covering wearing pull-ups, treatment including Desmopressin & alarms, lifting, teenage denial and nights away from home. Read more