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Paediatric Continence Forum
ERIC is a member of the Paediatric Continence Forum (PCF) - a group of patient representatives, healthcare professionals and company members who campaign to improve services for children and teenagers with bowel and bladder problems.

The PCF is chaired by ERIC’s founder Dr Penny Dobson MBE and has a membership of 11 clinicians, including paediatricians and specialist nurses from the Royal Colleges and the Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association (CPHVA). The PCF includes several company members and supporters.


1. To campaign for properly integrated continence services in every area of the UK led by expert paediatric continence professionals and with a clear system of care pathways across primary and secondary NHS care, education and social services. 

2. To ensure every school has good quality toilet and washing facilities, which would reduce the risk of bowel and bladder problems developing in the first place.

Campaigning activity

The PCF engages with policymakers and healthcare professionals to advocate best practice in paediatric continence provision. This includes regular meetings with Ministers and senior officials at the Department of Health and Department for Education.

The PCF also enlists the support of Parliamentarians to raise issues on its behalf with the Government through Parliamentary Questions, debates, and letters.

The PCF responds to consultations, works with NICE and the Royal Colleges and contributes to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Continence Care, to feed into the development of policy, clinical guidance, and reports.

The PCF's focus during 2016 is to campaign for an urgent uptake of the integrated model of service delivery as outlined in the Paediatric Continence Commissioning Guide.


  • Developed a tool to support the commissioning of integrated, community-based, paediatric continence services - the Paediatric Continence Commissioning Guide, published in 2014.

  • Helped NHS England develop the Excellence in Continence Care Guidance, published in 2015. 

  • Worked with the National Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network to develop and update the Continence Needs Assessment Tool.

  • Secured a section on continence in the National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity.

  • Supported ERIC's 'Bog Standard' campaign to get the Labour Government (1997-2010) to define suitable standards for school toilets and washing facilities. Continue to work with the current Government in this area.

  • Conducted large surveys of continence services across the country.

The PCF is always interested to hear from parents and healthcare professionals about the services in your area - whether they're lacking or exemplary, or perhaps undergoing transition and in need of guidance. If you'd like to get in touch, please email [email protected].

Visit the PCF website for more information about its work.