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Our Parent and Carer workshops provide families with information, tips and strategies on how to tackle and manage their children’s continence issues. Most importantly we hope that by bringing parents and carers together we will enable them to share experiences, give each other mutual support and help them to see they are not struggling alone. 

At the ERIC workshop I attended in Peterborough I learnt all about our daughters’ condition. For the first time I understood how I could help our daughter to cope with this horrible condition. I have passed on the knowledge to my daughter, husband, family and friends.  Parent and Carer Workshops

I found out we weren't alone in this and that our situation could be improved… I met other mums who I am now connected with via Facebook, so when feeling alone I can chat to them. Without ERIC we wouldn't understand the importance of all these things in helping her live a happier and healthier life. Helen

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