ERIC has supported hundreds of thousands of children, young people and their families over the years and should be justly proud of what it has achieved. 
- Dr Penny Dobson MBE, ERIC’s founder

Through our help children, teens and families can overcome or manage a childhood bowel or bladder problem. The impact of getting the right support and information to deal with a continence difficulty can be dramatic: children can start living a normal life, they can take part in social activities, they feel happier and more confident, and the strain on family life is lifted.

What our beneficiaries say

Here are some quotes from families whose lives we’ve helped turn around by giving compassionate support and practical information:

Thank you ever so much for your help today on the phone! I've taken your advice and so far, so good. I'm feeling really positive after speaking to you - you may have helped change everything! My son sat on the toilet this evening; I think I may be having a poo party at the end of the week! (Parent, September 2017)

I have found this website a great resource. It has given us helpful info and tips for how to manage my son's bedwetting. We have not solved this issue yet but I have gained support and feel less stressed about it knowing that we are not alone. We have not received much support from the NHS and so this website has been tremendously helpful. Thank you so much! (Parent, September 2017)

The impact of our helpline

Our helpline advisors provide a listening ear to families going through difficult times and give practical information for managing bowel and bladder problems. Many families tell us they've waited years to receive appropriate information that actually helps their child and wish they'd known about our charity earlier. 

Have you spoken to the ERIC helpline? The most useful chat I've ever had followed up with a plan of action which is working for my five and half year old grandson so far… Patience and understanding the whole process is the only way. Sadly the Poo Fairy doesn't exist though I've wished she did. ERIC's the next best thing. (Grandmother, July 2017)

People who contact the helpline receive one-to-one support from our expertly trained advisors. From April 2016 to March 2017, the helpline was contacted 2,433 times. 98% of callers who gave feedback said they would recommend the helpline to a friend and 91% said we understood their child's needs well.

ERIC Helpline infographic 2016-17

Download ERIC helpline infographic (PDF file)

The impact of our training

We deliver paediatric continence training courses to a range of health and education professionals including health visitors, nursery staff, school nurses and teaching assistants. We've been running training seminars for over 20 years and have trained thousands of professionals in that time. 

Our training is delivered by continence experts with many years experience. Training participants are equipped with the skills and knowledge to better diagnose and treat children's bowel and bladder conditions and to empathetically and effectively support children, teenagers and families to manage their conditions. 

I just wanted to say thank you for hosting such a fantastic course. My colleague and I really enjoyed it; we found it so educational and it will really have a huge impact on our practice.  Everyone was so approachable and friendly and we feel we have gained such a great support network to help us set up some clinics. (Children's Community Nurse, February 2017)

From April 2016 to March 2017, we ran 20 training courses promoting childhood bladder and bowel health. 400 health and education professionals received training; 95% of whom rated it as ‘very useful’ or ‘useful’.

Our Paediatric Continence Conference in October 2016 was attended by 166 health professionals; 79% of whom rated it as 'excellent' and 29% as 'good'.

The impact of the ERIC Nurse Early Intervention Project

Nursing Times Awards 2016 WinnerDuring the ERIC Nurse Project which ran from May 2013 to May 2016 in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, 1,000 professionals were trained, including child minders, nursery nurses, school nurses and GPs.

98% of those surveyed after training said they knew more about how to recognise a bowel or bladder problem and 100% said they felt more confident to support parents and children.

The ERIC Nurse project won a prestigious Nursing Times Award in October 2016. The project was praised for its innovation in supporting patients and professionals to tackle continence problems early.

Read the ERIC Nurse project evaluation report here (PDF file)

Annual reports

Read our Trustees' Report & Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31 March 2018 (PDF file)

Read our previous annual reports on the Charity Commission website