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ERIC wouldn't exist without the generosity of people who donate time and money to ensure we can continue to support families. Find out how children and their families have gone above and beyond so that others are not left to cope with distressing bowel and bladder problems on their own. 

Team Edward 

Edward was just 10 when he first emailed ERIC to ask for a fundraising pack. A few months later, Edward had a plan. With the help of his family, he organised an event and set himself a challenge to raise money and to spread the word about childhood bowel and bladder problems.

I have suffered with my bladder and bowel all my life and ERIC have been a great support to me and my family. I wanted to do something to help them, so they can carry on supporting others. 

Edward's tea party: A family affair

Edward, mum and dad and his two brothers, Henry and George, organised a tea party, serving several types of tea and lots of homemade cakes.   Boy making cake

There was also a second-hand book stall and games like guess the weight of the cake.The event was held in their garden and raised £262.

Edward's challenge

Edward decided to attempt a 25 miles cycle ride. He got in touch with the local velopark to ask if he could use the venue and agree a date.

Boy taking part in charity bike ride

When the day came, the weather was a mixed bag of sunshine, strong winds and showers, remnants of storm Brian that battered country the previous day.

It would have been easy to abandon the challenge, or, at least, push it back to a later date. But Edward wasn't going to let anything get in his way, not even the British weather. He had already raised over £250, he didn't want to let down everyone who sponsored him.

Edward completed the challenge accompanied by his brothers and cheered on by his parents. It was exhausting, the wind made sure of that. But the warm feeling you get when you do something extraordinary  to help others made it all worth it.

Stigma? What stigma?

Edward talked openly about his medical condition to everyone he crossed paths with to raise as much money as possible. He spread the word about ERIC's work all around him. There's no better way to reduce the stigma that surrounds childhood bowel and bladder problems. Ally, Edward's mum, told us:

We are so proud of Edward for his bike ride and for sharing his problem with everyone.We are also very proud of George and Henry who helped bake cakes and serve tea. Edward's brothers also supported Edward by cycling with him.

The money raised by Edward and his family is vital for ERIC. But, when a young person stands up and tell the world about the reality of living with bladder and bowel issues, the impact is priceless. The stigma surrounding childhood continence issues makes it hard for families to ask for support and talk openly about their children's wetting or soiling difficulties. The most efficient way to reduce the misunderstandings around bowel and bladder health is to talk about it.

Team Henry

Henry has a bowel condition that baffles the health professionals who have been unable to diagnose the cause of his suffering and how to treat him. He is in so much pain, he often misses out on school and other social activities his friends take for granted. 

Henry fundraise to help other children

Henry's mum and dad, Lydia and Mark, organised a skydive in Devon to raise funds to support other families and to spread the word about the help available from the charity so that children wouldn't suffer in silence.

Lydia explains why they wanted to fundraise for ERIC:

When your child is in pain it's emotionally draining. Fundraising for ERIC feels like something positive is coming out of a bad situation we have no control over. It's wonderfully uplifting. The ERIC team are all heroes in my eyes.They help so many people on a daily basis. Raising money and awareness about their work is a way to show how grateful I am.

After creating a fundraising page on Just Giving, Lydia recruited a large number of family members and friends and together, they organised several events, a tea party and a cake sale, a raffle and games during a year long campaign that ended with the skydives. 

On the day of the skydive, five members of Team Henry boarded the plane. And, when it reached 15,000 feet, all of them threw themselves into the abyss, free falling for a whole minute at 120 mph before their parachutes were released.

Hundreds of children, teenagers and their families were able to access our services to receive emotional and practical support because of Team Henry. Together they raised £5,000 to ensure ERIC can continue to answer every call for help they receive.

Children, teenagers, families, professionals who fundraise so ERIC can continue to deliver its services are real heroes and full members of the team. They are ERIC. 

Fundraising support from ERIC

If you already have a fundraising plan, we’d love to hear about it. Get in touch with our fundraising officer, Anna Henry, email: [email protected].

Stay safe and legal

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Paying in your money

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