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Bedside & Wireless Bedwetting Alarms

Malem M012 wireless bedwetting alarm

Malem M012 Wireless Bedwetting Alarm 

The Malem wireless bedwetting alarm can be placed on a bedside table and the Easy-Clip© sensor can be attached to close-fitting underwear. It is a comfortable, compact and light-weight alarm that is ideal for children who don't wear pyjamas in bed. See full product description here.

  • M012 Wireless Alarm (M012NHS): RRP £118.95, NHS price £112.99
Malem M06 bedside alarm

Malem M06 Bedside Bedwetting Alarm & Mat 

The Malem bedside bedwetting alarm is one of the most comprehensive and adaptable bedwetting alarms available. It is ideal for children who don't want to wear a body-worn alarm. This is the loudest alarm available in the ERIC shop, so is great for deep sleepers. Includes moisture-sensing bed mat. See full product description here.

  • M06 Bedside Alarm (M06BSNHS): RRP £139.95, NHS price £132.99
Astric Dry Bed bedside bedwetting alarm

Astric Dry Bed Bedside Bedwetting Alarm

The Astric Dry Bed bedwetting alarm consists of a small, sensitive control unit and a light and comfortable detector pad, which is placed over the mattress. When the child wets the bed and the first drops of wee touch the pad, an alarm sounds. See full product description hereSpare pads for the Astric Dry Bed alarm are also available - see full product description here.

  • Bedside Alarm (ADBSNHS): RRP £88.75, NHS price £64.00
  • Spare Mat (ADBSNHS): RRP £21.66, NHS price £16.10 
Dri Sleeper Eclipse wireless bedwetting alarm

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

The DRI Sleeper® Eclipse alarm uses a remote wireless sensor to detect bedwetting. The small Urosensor™ is placed in the child's underwear and the DRI Sleeper® Eclipse receiver on a nearby bedside table. When wetting starts, the Urosensor™ triggers the receiver alarm, sounding a loud alert which wakes the child. See full product description hereReplacement Remote Urosensors are also available.

  • Wireless Alarm (ECLIPSENHS): RRP £86.67, NHS price £80.00
  • Replacement Remote Urosensor (ECLIPSESENSORNHS): RRP £40.83, NHS price £36.00

Body-worn Bedwetting Alarms

Malem M03 Body-worn bedwetting alarm

Malem M03 / M03(8) / M03(V) Body-worn Alarm

The lightest and smallest bedwetting alarm on the market. This alarm is comfortably worn on the nightwear close to the shoulder. The alarm is available in three models:

Malem M03: Features a single sound. See full product description here.
Malem M03(8): Features 8 randomly selected tones. See full product description here
Malem M03(V): Features vibration and a flashing glow. See full product description here

  • M03 Alarm (M03NHS): RRP £69.95, NHS price £66.99
  • M03(8) Alarm (M03(8)NHS): RRP £69.96, NHS price £66.99
  • M03(V) Alarm (M03(V)NHS): RRP £69.95, NHS price £66.99
Malem M04 Body-worn bedwetting alarm

Malem M04 / M04(8) / M04(S) Body-worn Alarm

Offering a choice of loud sounds and silent vibration, the Malem M04 range is well suited to deep sleepers. The alarms have a small noise box which is pinned or clipped to the pyjama top and a sensor that is clipped to the outside of the pants. The alarm is available in three models:

Malem M04: Features one loud sound + vibration. See full product description here
Malem M04(8): Features 8 random loud sounds + vibration. See full product description here
Malem M04(S): Features 8 selectable loud sounds + vibration. See full product description here

  • M04 Alarms (M04NHS): RRP £95.95, NHS price £90.99
  • M04(8) Alarms (M04(8)NHS): RRP £95.95, NHS price £90.99
  • M04(S) Alarms (M04(S)NHS): RRP £104.95, NHS price £99.99
Malem M05 body-worn bedwetting alarm

Malem M05 Body-worn Recordable Bedwetting Alarm 

The Malem body-worn recordable bedwetting alarm is four alarms in one. It is designed to maximise effectiveness by providing the ability to record your own sounds, music or personal message or a selectable combination of sounds and/or vibration. See full product description here

  • M05 Alarm (M05NHS): RRP £104.95, NHS price £99.99
Dri Sleeper Excel body-worn bedwetting alarm

DRI Sleeper Excel Body-worn Bedwetting Alarm

The DRI Sleeper® Excel bedwetting alarm is a wired bedwetting alarm with a world-leading patented Urosensor™. Simple and effective, the Excel is the original DRI Sleeper® alarm and has been used successfully for decades by hundreds of thousands of children worldwide to cure bedwetting. The alarm comes with one Urosensor™ and batteries. See full product description here. Replacement Urosensors are also available - see product description here.

  • Body-worn Alarm (EXCELNHS): RRP £45.83, NHS price £41.50 
  • Replacement Urosensor (EXCELSENSORNHS): RRP £18.33, NHS price £17.00 

Replacement Alarm Equipment

Malem replacement batteries

Malem Alarm Replacement Batteries

Replacement batteries for the M03 and M03(8) Malem bedwetting alarms. Sold in 25 sets of 3 batteries. 

  • Replacement Batteries (MAL(B)NHS): £89.50
Malem MAL4 replacement flat plate sensor

Malem Flat Plate Replacement Sensor

In some cases bedwetting alarm treatment can last for several months; it is therefore advisable to purchase a replacement sensor or mat in advance to ensure that treatment is not interrupted. For clinic use, a new sensor should be used for each child.

  • MAL4 Replacement Flat Plat Sensor (MAL4NHS): RRP £24.95, NHS Price £23.25
Malem MEC replacement Easy Clip sensor

Malem Replacement Easy Clip Sensor

In some cases bedwetting alarm treatment can last for several months so it might be necessary to purchase a replacement sensor. The Malem Easy Clip sensor clips onto the pyjama trousers or top.

  • Replacement Easy Clip Sensor (MECNHS): RRP £24.95, NHS price £23.99
Replacement bed mat for Malem bedwetting alarm (M06)

Malem Replacement Bed Mat for M06 Bedside Alarm

Embossed plastic bed mat measuring 54 x 42 cm.

  • Replacement Bed Mat - M06 Alarm (RBMNHS): RRP £38.95, NHS price £36.99