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Aviva Community Fund

We need your help to secure funding from the Aviva Community Fund so that ERIC can deliver a new project for families in Somerset in 2019.

Children need to start school able to use the toilet independently. Our research shows more children than ever are starting reception class still wearing nappies or not toilet trained. This affects their self-esteem, confidence and dignity, and denies them many social & educational opportunities enjoyed by their classmates.

ERIC’s project will ensure more children across Somerset get the right start with potty training and will enable 100 families to get their child successfully through this stressful phase of early childhood.

Our Potty Training project

By voting for our project in the Aviva Community Fund you will help us to secure up to £10,000 of vital funding to enable this project to go ahead. We can’t do this without your votes!

To find out more about our project and to cast your votes, head to the Aviva Community Fund website.

If we get enough votes between 23 October and 20 November, our project will be submitted to a panel of judges, who will announce the recipients of the funding in January 2019. 

Please give us 2 minutes of your time to vote for us and make a huge difference! The more votes we get, the better chance we have of securing funding. 

Spread the word

Every single vote counts – after voting, please help us spread the word to as many people as possible - we have shareable posts on Facebook and Twitter so tell your friends and pass on to colleagues.