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The UK’s public toilets are closing at an alarming speed, with around 40% closing over the last ten years.

The union UNISON claims that Government funding cuts are leading to many councils closing public toilets, which impacts negatively on many workers who spend their day out on the road.

The union also says there are now significant differences between the number of toilets in each local authority.

The closure of public toilets also has affects children and adults with health needs, especially those with bladder and bowel problems.

Around one in 12 children and young people suffer with a bladder or bowel difficulty, and it’s important that they can use a public toilet when they need to, so they can effectively manage their conditions when out and about.

ERIC is urging people to campaign in their local areas if their public toilets are threatened with closure. Residents of Bath successfully campaigned against the planned closure of their local public toilets - a decision that was not consulted on by the council.

For more information on how to campaign in your local area, visit the British Toilet Association website to find out about the national 'Where Can I go?' campaign.