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Young man

We are delighted to announce that ERIC’s BBC Radio 4 appeal presented by our president, Dr Anne Wright, has now raised just over £19,000 to support children and teenagers affected by wetting or soiling issues.

Life changing support

Connor was a teenager when he found ERIC and received practical and emotional support from our advisors to help him stop bedwetting. Not only has sharing his story for our Radio 4 appeal raised over £19,000, but it's also helping others to open up about their own bladder and bowel difficulties.

I have been very nervous about sharing my story, but I am so glad that I have done it. The more I talk about it, the easier it’s become.

He says: “It’s great that ERIC received so many donations, a lot more than I imagined! I'm so grateful for all the help and encouragement I've had from ERIC. When I first got in touch, I was still wetting my bed several times a week, sometimes every night and to think how far I have come. And now I wake up dry every day and it’s amazing, something I never imagined I would achieve...I have reached a stage now where I wouldn't be ashamed to admit I was a bedwetter into my 20s and again that's thanks to the support from places like ERIC."

Help us reach our target 

We are full of gratitude for the 400 generous people who contributed to the appeal and to Connor for allowing us to share his story of a childhood and adolescence plagued by bedwetting.

There is still time to help us reach our target of £20,000 to help thousands of families affected by childhood continence problems. 

Make a donation  

Listen to Dr Anne Wright share Connor's story. (Please note - donations can no longer be made via the BBC).