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By law, every school in England must have a medical conditions policy to support and care for children with medical conditions like overactive bladder and bowel problems. Despite it being a legal requirement, many schools do not have a policy. A petition has been launched to change this and ensure kids get the support they need in school.

Up to 2 million children in England have long-term medical conditions. Many of them do not get the care they need in school because schools are not aware of what’s expected. The Health Conditions in Schools Alliance recently asked schools across the country whether they had a medical conditions policy in place. Shockingly, over two-thirds could not show that they did.

That’s why one mum has launched a petition asking school inspector Ofsted to check that schools have the right procedures in place to keep children with medical conditions safe. Louise Fyfe-Taylor's petition also asks government ministers to do more to make schools aware of the need to support children with health problems.

Louise's 12-year-old daughter Jennie has Type 1 diabetes. Jennie's life was put in danger after a severe hypo at school, because her school didn’t know that they needed a plan to care for children with medical conditions.

ERIC is a member of the Health Conditions in Schools Alliance and is supporting Louise's petition as part of the HCSA's #Safeinschool campaign.

Children and teenagers with continence problems like constipation and soiling regularly take medication at school and need to be supported by school staff to ensure they take medication at the right times and in the right doses. They also need help with toileting routines so they can properly manage their condition.

Please sign and share the petition to help us make sure all children with conditions like constipation and soiling stay safe in school.