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Following ERIC’s lobbying of Parliament on 28th February, Kevin Brennan MP, Shadow Schools Minister, is supporting the Bog Standard campaign.

Speaking about the campaign, he said: “In any institution you can tell a lot by the visiting the toilets. As a former teacher and parent, I know that pupils’ toilets in schools can leave a lot to be desired. I support the aim of ‘Bog Standard’ to improve our school toilets.”

Time is running out for children as the consultation period on scrapping all regulations for school toilets closed in January and changes will become law in the spring.

ERIC has challenged the government’s ‘Red Tape Challenge’ and Education Secretary Michael Gove’s decision to axe the requirement for a minimum number of one toilet per every 20 pupils.

ERIC’s Bog Standard campaign wants facilities for children’s toilets to match those for teachers' loos, which are protected by the Workplace Regulations, but there are no minimum standards for cleaning, maintenance or supplies for pupils' toilets.

All children should have the right to clean, well stocked and pleasant toilet facilities in schools but many don’t. Schools are failing pupils by providing unhygienic and poorly maintained facilities.

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