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Potty training live logo

We are delighted to be supporting innovative potty training brand Dry Like Me with their Potty Training Live campaign this summer. Starting on July 28 and running for 4 weeks until August 16, ERIC will act expert partners offering professional help and advice to parents who are having potty training challenges.

What is Potty Training Live?

Over the 4 weeks this summer, Dry Like Me will offer weekly help and advice for each major stage in the potty training journey, from understanding the signs of readiness to coping with accidents when the main focus is away from potty training and normal life has resumed! 

This is the fourth year the campaign will run and the aim is to help support and guide parents through the potty training process. There will be lots of help and support on Dry Like Me and ERIC's social media pages, and competitions to win essential potty training tools including the occasional treat for parents! 

Sign up today

For more information and to join up go to Potty Training Live or Dry Like Me's Facebook page