ERIC has launched a new leaflet for parents to help them recognise when their child has a bladder problem like bedwetting or daytime wetting, or a bowel problem. The leaflet titled 'Thinking about wee and poo now you've reached the age of two' was developed for the ERIC Nurse Early Intervention Project taking place in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. 

The ERIC Nurse Project aims to improve parents’ awareness of good bladder and bowel health and to signpost families to further support and information. The new resource will be distributed by Health Visitors to parents of two-year-olds when they have their two year check. 

Brenda Cheer, the ERIC Nurse, said: "Many parents are unaware that their child may have an underlying bladder or bowel problem such as constipation or an overactive bladder. Early intervention is crucial as the earlier the signs and symptoms are recognised, the easier it is to manage or resolve the problems.

For example, signs of constipation can include pain when having poos or runny poo, which may be confused with diarrhoea as it leaks around the impacted poo in the bowel. Constipation also has an effect on the bladder and may therefore jeopardise attempts to potty train or get dry at night.

Because wee and poo problems aren’t always talked about, many parents aren’t fully aware of what’s normal when it comes to toileting, so it's hard for them to spot the early signs that their child is having toileting difficulties.”

Download the leaflet 'Thinking about wee and poo now you've reached the age of 2' here