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ERICs guide for children with additional needs

ERIC has launched a new leaflet for parents and carers to help toilet train children with a physical or learning disability. The leaflet titled 'ERIC's Guide for Children with Additional Needs' is for when toilet training is not so straight forward or may not be possible. It provides information on whether a child is ready for toilet training, guidance on keeping bladders and bowels healthy and practical tips for establishing a toileting programme.   

Brenda Cheer, the ERIC nurse who has written this resource says:"I hope the leaflet enables parents and professionals to help children with additional needs to achieve continence. Over the years, I’ve met so many lovely young people who are kept in nappies simply because of their diagnosis of cerebral palsy or developmental delay. I know that many of them could be toilet trained; hopefully this leaflet explains how to go about it. And for those who simply cannot achieve continence, I hope the suggestions of ways to manage their bladder and bowels will be helpful, and promote their dignity. Toilet training a child with additional needs can be a huge challenge, but ERIC is here to provide information and support."  

Download the leaflet ERIC's Guide to Children with Additional Needs.