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A new comic book has been developed by Medikidz Limited, the medical education company that creates books specifically for children, to explain bedwetting to children. The book 'Medikidz Explain Bedwetting' is the first of its kind in the world and has been endorsed by ERIC.

Helping young people understand medical concepts

Explaining medical concepts to young people can be extremely difficult. Children assimilate knowledge in different ways and may make assumptions that could have been avoided had the information been presented in a simple and engaging way.

The new comic book 'Medikidz explain bedwetting' has been written by paediatric communications specialists and peer-reviewed by leading doctors as well as families living with bedwetting. The book uses a simple approach to speak to young people in an engaging way and ensure information is presented in simple terms whilst maintaining medical accuracy.

The book aims to help children understand why bedwetting sometimes happens, to highlight the fact that many other children have the same experience, to help lessen fears and concerns around the condition, and to enhance confidence in knowing how to self-manage the condition.

The Medikidz are five superheroes on a mission to help young people understand illness and medical concepts. Chi, Pump, Skinderella, Axon and Gastro take children on a journey through Mediland – a distant planet shaped just like the human body – to explain the diagnosis, investigation, treatment and prevention of various medical conditions.

The storyline

The book stars fictional teenager, Jay, who is feeling anxious and downhearted ahead of a planned school trip involving spending the night at a museum. Recognising his distress, he is joined by the Medikidz superheroes - a group of 5 characters, each an expert on a specific area of the body. The Medikidz take them to Planet Mediland - a planet shaped like the human body, where he is taken on a journey to explore a giant urinary system (including the kidneys and bladder) to help him understand the condition.

There, he learns about the multitude of functions these organs perform to rid the body of waste, and about their interaction with the brain. Jay also hears tips on reducing the chances of bedwetting, and how to deal with practical elements of bedwetting at home or in social situations. He is also reassured there are other young people and families going through similar experiences. Finally, he returns from Mediland feeling less upset and confused, and is able to go on - and enjoy - the school trip.

ERIC's involvement with Medikidz

ERIC became involved with Medikidz through a long-standing association with the pharmaceutical company, Ferring, who sponsored the ‘Medikidz Explain Bedwetting’ title.

The book was peer-reviewed by ERIC founder Dr Penny Dobson MBE, who is also chair of the Paediatric Continence Forum (PCF); June Rogers MBE, director of PromoCon; Dr Anne Wright, who is an ERIC trustee and chairs ERIC's professional advisory committee; and Jenny Perez, ERIC's past Chief Executive.

David Derbyshire, Interim Chief Executive at ERIC said, "Bedwetting causes a great deal of stress and concern for many families, and sadly, some children withdraw from normal peer-led activities as a result of it. This situation is made worse if the children and parents don’t feel supported or reassured. We hope Medikidz Explain Bedwetting will help them and their families understand what is involved in the body, as well as how various treatments and/or changes to their normal routine can improve things. The book helps removes some of the uncertainty and distress about what is a common - yet rarely discussed - condition.”

Co-Founder of Medikidz, Dr Kate Hersov, said: "Medikidz was founded out of a frustration with the lack of child-friendly health information available when working as doctors in paediatrics. We work closely with healthcare professionals, families, children and patients to fully understand the needs of young people. Thanks to the book’s sponsor, Ferring, and to ERIC, ICCS, PromoCon and SAPHNA, we will be able to help children better understand bedwetting, and support them in managing their feelings of anxiety or embarrassment.”

Medikidz Explain Bedwetting is available for Healthcare Professionals free in the UK through Ferring medical representatives, or from the Medikidz website priced £6.99.