ERIC’s Guide to Night Time Wetting is an excellent starting point for children, young people and families wanting to understand how the bladder works, why bedwetting happens, and what treatment is available.

Bedwetting affects more people than is often realised – 1 in 15 seven year olds suffer with it, and 1 in 75 teenagers.

Many people do not realise that bedwetting runs in families. Children have a 40% chance of wetting the bed if they have a parent who wet the bed, and a 70% chance if both parents wet the bed.

The night time wetting guide includes important messages for parents about what they can do to help their child get dry at night and has tips for children who want to stop wetting the bed.

The guide also includes information about continence clinics and how to prepare before going to a clinic, such as by ruling out the causes of bedwetting.

The treatment methods for bedwetting - bedwetting alarms and a medication called Desmopressin - are outlined in the guide.

Readers are signposted to ERIC’s other guides about children's bladder and bowel problems, including daytime wetting and bowel problems, which can, and often are, related to bedwetting.

Bulk copies of the guide can be ordered by calling ERIC's sales team on 0117 301 2100 or by emailing [email protected]

Financial support was provided for the printing of the guide by Ferring Pharmaceuticals, the producers of 'DesmoMelt', a form of Desmopressin.

A supplement to the guide which answers common questions about bedwetting alarms is also available to download. The supplement was put together by a bedwetting alarms producer, Anzacare.