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A major research project will look at the risk factors associated with childhood continence problems and will assess their impact on children and young people's lives. 

Dr Carol Joinson, a Senior Lecturer in Developmental Psychology at the University of Bristol and lead researcher on the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) has been awarded a research grant to study continence problems in children and adolescents.

ERIC supported the funding bid and is contributing to the project's development.

Dr Joinson said: "This research will examine the risk factors associated with continence problems in a large group of children and adolescents based in Bristol. It will also examine the impact of continence problems in young people in relation to their mental health, relationships, social activities, educational attainment and aspirations for the future.

This information will support the development of evidence-based, age-appropriate information resources for young people that can help to improve their health and quality of life.”

Dr Joinson and colleagues will work with ERIC to identify key messages following the research and translate the findings into evidence-based, age appropriate information resources for young people with bowel and bladder conditions.