talkhealth logoFrom April 9 - 20th, talkhealth, one of the UK’s leading online health communities providing information and support for those with chronic health conditions, will be facilitating a free online clinic on bowel issues. The clinic will provide those living with bowel related conditions access to leading experts and related support groups and charities. 

The online clinic is sponsored by The Allergy and Free From Shows. Alongside ERIC, the clinic will also be supported by Bladder and Bowel UK. 

There will also be a dedicated area for parents of children with continence problems and teenagers to get answers to their questions. 

Experts on hand

The experts taking part in the clinic include Dr Christopher Black, Clinical Reseach Fellow in Gastroenterology, Dr Neil Galletly, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Julie Thompson, Gastroenterology Specialist Dietitian,  Dr Jamal Hayat, Consulant and many others. 

About the clinics

talkhealth clinics give members of the public the opportunity to talk to leading condition experts, charities and support networks about in depth issues related to the particular topic of the clinic. Our clinics are always free, everyone who wishes to take part can do by becoming a talkhealth member, which is also completely free.

Find out more and register for the online clinic now.

talkhealth bowel clinic