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Be prepared for changes to ERIC’s website and message boards by joining our online community on HealthUnlocked.

ERIC’s message boards were a much-loved feature of the old ERIC website. But they were technologically basic and a survey we carried out in 2015 found that the message boards no longer met the needs of our community.

The re-design of our website provided an opportunity to overhaul the online forums. Parents, carers, professionals and older teenagers can now discuss bowel and bladder problems and management on our online community on the social network for health – HealthUnlocked.

HealthUnlocked is a peer-to-peer support network that allows patients, caregivers and health advocates to connect safely online with guidance from over 500 health organisations and institutions.

The platform is more advanced than ERIC’s old message boards, allowing participants to create profiles, know who they’re talking to, post messages immediately and take part in polls.

Join our new HealthUnlocked community today and start engaging with other parents, carers, patients and professionals.