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ERIC's new website features an innovative tool for health professionals - ERIC’s Children’s Continence Pathway, developed by the award-winning ERIC Nurse Project. If implemented, the pathway has the potential to drastically improve local continence service provision.

ERIC’s Children’s Continence Pathway follows a series of flowcharts guiding the reader through best practice in continence care, informing about assessment and intervention and signposting to valuable resources.

Resources include a comprehensive continence assessment form; a ‘poo diary’; drinking and toileting reward charts; an intake/output chart; guidance on how to prepare macrogol laxatives; and information about constipation in breastfed babies, all of which can be downloaded from the new ERIC website.

Juliette Randall, ERIC’s CEO said: “This is the first time a generic children’s continence pathway has been created and made readily accessible online. I hope it will be used widely to improve continence services across the UK. ERIC’s new website is also a fantastic resource for anyone helping children and teenagers manage bowel and bladder problems.”

Brenda Cheer, the ERIC Nurse said: “There’s a huge variation in the provision of continence services across the UK. Care is often fragmented with different people providing services for bladders and bowels, for day and night time problems, for children with additional needs and those without. The Pathway is a one-stop shop for professionals that can help improve paediatric continence services. Parents and carers can also use it to navigate the care system and work out what help is or should be available.”

Several other features have been added to the new website - click here to read more