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ERIC and Bladder Health UK are holding a joint networking event for parents and carers to learn strategies for dealing with bladder and bowel problems from potty training to persistent wetting and soiling. Both organisations are passionate about raising awareness of all types of continence problems. They will be sharing a venue with separate programmes.    

The Parents and Carers workshop in Cardiff is the first of what we hope will become regular events around the UK. We will be providing families with information, tips and strategies on how to tackle and manage their children’s continence issues.  Most importantly we hope that by bringing parents and carers together we will enable them to share experiences, give each other mutual support and help them to see they are not struggling alone. Juliette Rayner, ERIC's CEO   

What will the ERIC workshop offer? 

Sessions include supporting children with toileting difficulties, coping with bedwetting and how resistant wetting and soiling problems can be managed.  

Who is running the sessions?

Sessions will be led by Brenda Cheer, ERIC Nurse & Specialist Paediatric Continence Nurse, University Hospital, Wales and Alina Lynden and Natalie Thompson, ERIC’s expertly trained Helpline advisors.

When and where?

The one-day workshop will take place from 10am - 3pm on Saturday 20th May at the Holiday Inn, Cardiff, CF15 7LH. There is no charge for this event but all places need to be booked in advance. Refreshments and lunch will be included. 

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