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Drum roll please...the next World Bedwetting Day is on Tuesday 30 May 2017.

As you open your diary to make a note of this date, you'll realise it falls in half-term week in the UK.

Being a global day of awareness, the date can't be perfect for every nation, and unfortunately in 2017 the UK lucks out. However, we hope that by announcing the date early you will have lots of time to prepare activities for the days and weeks leading up to the day.

World Bedwetting Day is a campaign led by Ferring Pharmaceuticals with the support of charities and associations around the world. ERIC helps promote the day in the UK but does not set the date.

Plans for how to make World Bedwetting Day 2017 bigger and better have already begun. The team at ERIC are waiting anxiously to find out what's in store for next year and are looking forward to sharing the tools and resources with you.

All future World Bedwetting Days will take place on the last Tuesday in May.

If you'd like to register your interest in receiving a World Bedwetting Day action pack, please send an email with your postal address to [email protected]