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We are excited to announce our new-look, more user-friendly online shop. It’s now easier than ever before for you to find the right products to help your children manage their bowel and bladder conditions and overcome other toileting challenges.

Plus every purchase you make supports the work we do.

Smartphone on home page of new ERIC shop siteOur shop stocks a range of bedwetting alarms, protective bedding, clothing & underwear, reminder watches and books on toileting and potty training.

There are lots of great reasons for making your purchase with ERIC:

  1. Expertise and experience – ERIC has been providing information and support to families and their children for over thirty years

  2. Product range – every item we sell has been selected by our continence experts and chosen for their quality and reliability

  3. Customer support – our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to talk to about your purchase, to help you make the right choice for your child

  4. Expert support - a freephone Helpline to speak to one of our expert continence advisors about your child’s condition

  5. Reputation - we are a trusted supplier to NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers

  6. Helping children - when you buy from ERIC, all profits from sales go back into funding our charitable services

So, head to our new shop and see what you think!

Our staff in the shop team and on the Helpline are here to help with any questions you might have, to help ensure you get the right product for the child you are supporting.

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