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It seems like every week there’s a new charity scandal. It’s not surprising that the level of public trust and confidence in charities is at its lowest since 2007. In response to worrying stories about the behaviour of some charities and their fundraising techniques, ERIC would like to reiterate our fundraising promise to supporters.

ERIC wants to clarify what supporters can expect from ERIC. After all, you are at the centre of everything we do. Without you, thousands of children's, young people's and families’ calls for help would be left unanswered. Everyone who contributes money or time to ERIC’s mission deserves to be treated with respect and transparency.

ERIC has been providing life-changing support and information for 26 years online or via our helpline. This is only possible because of the generosity and compassion of all the people who donate, fundraise, volunteer and support the charity. This support is the reason ERIC is still delivering its unique services today.

The media have unleashed many uncomfortable facts about the ways some charities fundraise and the dodgy tactics they employ to get supporters. ERIC needs and wants to reassure everyone who comes into contact with the charity that we will keep our Fundraising Promise!

ERIC’s Fundraising Promise

We are committed to following the highest fundraising standards. We treat our supporters and donors with respect, fairness and honesty. We ensure at all times that our fundraising activities are open, legal and fair.

We are committed to adhering to the Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Fundraising Practice. These are the standards set for fundraisers in the UK.

We will respect your privacy. We will never share your details with any other organisation.

We will never contact you if you ask not to be contacted. We will always make it easy for you to choose how you want to be contacted giving you an option to opt out of further contact every time we get in touch.

We promise to always be transparent on how we spend your donations which we will spend as effectively and efficiently as possible.

We will always be honest about the way we fundraise. We will answer your questions about our fundraising activities and their costs.

We thrive to provide the best customer service to everyone who supports us. We will never put excessive pressure on you to make a gift and if you don’t want to give or you want to stop giving we will respect your decision.

Our vision is that every child and teenager with a bowel or bladder condition can access support and live free from embarrassment, shame, isolation and fear. We know that we can only achieve this by working together with our donors; they are an integral part of the ERIC team.

If you would like to contact ERIC about anything mentioned in this article, please email ERIC's Fundraising Officer Anna Henry - [email protected] or call 0117 301 2103